Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring/Mud season

Well, Melt has begun...You may call it spring, but that season for us is the first two weeks of June. Silas and I decided we were done with winter. We shoveled out the little side yard, and, of course the sandbox. A couple of days of shoveling and ice chipping and we can actually see the grass, or what was the grass last summer. Spring means lots of mud, and therefore lots of baths. Growing up on the gulf, I never thought I would be trying to teach my children how to swim in a bathtub at 8,700 feet above sea level. Christian went to New Mexico on a caving expedition for four days. OK, expedition might be a strong word. There is a semi-famous caver in our town who needed some guys to help count cavernous structures/features. So, he has the opportunity to see a rather untraveled portion of the Carlsbad area. Another Spring detail....we're headed south, and east. We leave next week for two weeks in Alabama and West Virginia. Hope to see some of you. 

Silas and I hit our local ski hill for perhaps the last time this season. Pretty slushy, not the "freshies" or "powpow" of true winter...but, if you're bent over in an agressive snow plow holding up 33lbs of pure toddler, slow slush is nice. 

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Winter on the Western Slope

Our home: The Moon House built 1874. 

Yes, that's our car.

Ready for running.

This has been an incredibly snowy winter. Of course, Christian is as greedy about snow as I am about blackberries ("If we could just another foot"). At the peak, we had about three feet on the ground. We've melted down to about 28 inches in the last few weeks.
 Silas has enjoyed shoveling snow and attempting to ski. The other day he insisted on shoveling in his big rubber boots and nothing else! We've been tried some family skiing in the last few months. It is possible to ski with a kid in a backpack. Priya has napped on the slope in the backpack and Silas skied between our skis. We are looking forward to a long mud season. Lucky for us, mud puddles are just as much fun as snowballs.

Here we are!!

So, after much debate, we have purchased a computer, which enables us to join the blogging world. We hope to share a little slice of life in Lake City, Co with the rest the world, or at least our far away family and friends. Here's a recent photo of Silas and Priya. And, just so you know, they did not remain this happy in the box for long.