Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spotlight on Levi

Levi reached his first half-birthday this week, which went relatively unnoticed. However, I thought I would post a few photos of this cute kid. We are so thankful for Levi! He brings joy to all of us with his wide smiles, bright eyes and fuzzy head. 

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting my 6 month old to be crawling and pulling up and playing with pots and pans just yet, but he has some wild siblings to catch up to. I had to lower the crib mattress today after he pulled a wild cowboy stunt during his nap.

I danced him to sleep tonight (I hope this doesn't become a nightly expectation)...and just thought about the last six months with this precious one. As we are not sure if we'll have more babies, I want to make sure and relish the few quiet moments I have with Levi.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

10 things that happened before 10am

1. We asked Priya if she had any dreams last night.
"Um...yeah, I dream bout, when I was in Colorado, I saw Judah and River."
Christian: "you were in college?"
Priya (loudly): "COLLEGE. I told you that already. It was aaaaamazing."

2. Priya got married. This entailed wrapping something, like a measuring tape, around herself and singing., "I'm getting married, I'm getting married."

3. Levi, who is crawling all over the house at just barely 6 months, pulled up to a standing position and let go with one hand.

4. Yes, folks, 'tis the season...I put a little egg nog in my coffee.

5. Silas, while looking for his shoes, put a bathing suit on his head.

6. Priya built a train track.

7. I started the chili for dinner.

8. I brushed my hair. Some of you will understand that with 3 kids under 4, this is an accomplishment.

9. We got ready for our walk to the Post Office. Silas usually rides his bike now.

10. I posted this blog.

One week until my first baby is 4 years old. Can't decide if we should do his party on Thanksgiving, which is his actual Birthday, or if we should wait until the weekend after, which is the great Christmas tree hunt day in this family.

Levi is really cute crawling. He's only 6 months old, but as big as Silas was at 9 months. He's 19 pounds already. Yesterday he crawled from my room all the way to through the kitchen, slapping his hands down on the floor and smiling at himself. Coming soon...pureed veggies. I think I'll wait until after Thanksgiving, he's not hurting for food, obviously!

Monday, November 9, 2009

She's so pretty when she's sleeping...

Ear infections aren't lovely, but I sure think this little girl is!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tricks and Treats

Snow White and Prince Charming enjoyed their Halloween activities, which included a visit from Bud and Jo-jo. Sorry, I didn't get a shot of Dopey, whose costume was a floppy hat and footies. Priya was a bit cranky with a sniffly nose, which later developed into a raging ear infection, which merited an 8pm med-center visit. 

We've been busy switching out the kids' clothes for larger ones. This seems to be an ever-present job in our home. Silas always transitions into the next size before his birthday (a year ahead). Example, before he turns 4, he's in size 5. Speaking of rapid child growth, does anyone know if kids have "hormonal" days? I think they do...Silas has been aggressive and weepy all at the same time today.

Levi is crawling and sitting and wearing 12 month clothing...he's five months old!!! 

I'm pretty excited about an upcoming birth in town that I will be attending. This will be my eighth home-birth that I will be observing/assisting with. And...the first time I will have ever been at a birth without being pregnant!! I've also been weaving quite a bit, working hard to keep a deadline. OK, Mom, do you feel updated now?