Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cupcake party

Priya finally had her birthday party. We decided to invite just family and a few adoptees. Since she was all dressed up, I took a few shots of her in the front yard before the party. She was playing quietly with the dandelions, when she noticed her dress, stood up and began swirling her skirt around, as if realizing for the first time that she was a girl. 
The cousins threw rocks in the creek and tested out the presents.  

Yea, Uncle J, you ran the whole way!

Christian's brother Jason ran the San Juan Solstice 50 last weekend. 50 miles. Not just any 50 miles...50 back country miles with some miles at 13, 000 feet above sea level. A pretty gnarly race for those who normally do other ultra marathons...and quite the accomplishment for J, who had never even run a marathon. The first part of the race crosses a creek 8 times. Since this was such a big snow year, the water was very high and swift (waist deep). After climbing 4,000 feet, the trail runs along the Continental Divide for a while and then drops back in the trees before climbing another 1,700 feet at mile 43 and then descending all the way into town for the last four miles or so. There were about 150 runners. I volunteered at the 40 mile aid station, which was at 11,000 feet (right before the last climb). I always look forward to this race because I am so amazed at what some bodies can do; however, I was particularly into it this year since Jason was running. I was rather inspired by his accomplishment and went out and ran a hard and fast 6 miles the next day. I must say that if we don't move and I don't get pregnant again, I will definitely consider training for this event next year. Jason thinks I could do it. What do I think? Well, I know I could run a strong mountain 10 miles because I did a few weeks ago...but 50? Anyone want to join us?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Me, too

Just so Silas won't feel left out, here's a few photos of him as well. He is now two and a half. Although a little boy at the park said, "Dang, I thought he was like a four-year-old." Silas got some books and some fresh play-dough for Priya's birthday. He's prepared to demonstrate the birthdays how-to's at the party.

Happy Birthday Priya

My baby girl is one! Here's a few pictures of her last year (not in order). No photos of today...Christian has my camera in Maine, but we'll take some next week at the cupcake party. We spent the day selling rugs at the Saturday Market, playing in the sandbox and eating raspberries and strawberries (a family favorite). More on why Christian is in Maine soon...