Sunday, February 5, 2012

Piece of the pie

So, we are property owners. We bought a little slice of Lake City wonderfulness. The spot is across the river from where we know live and is still in town. An adjoining foot path will assure I can walk and bike everywhere still and it is about the same distance from the kids' school as we are now. The views are as follows: South--Roundtop, Red Mountain and T-Mountain, as well as a closer view of a little knoll and a lovely ponderosa pine. West--the foot bridge, Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, and Neoga Mt. North--Cannibal plateau and the ball-flats neighborhood. East--Station 11 Mountain. Our current house is the sweetest little antique place, built by Lake City's first doctor in 1874. Three of our four children were born in this house, called the Moon House after Dr. Moon. But, alas, I think we've outgrown the place. We shall see what lies ahead for us with this property. I'd like to build a log house that looks like it has been around a while. Think log/victorian/farmhouse. The property is kind of a knoll in itself and Christian wants to make the house as tall as possible. I'll attach a photo of our idea at this point. NOTE: we don't own the house...just the property.