Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dogless, but not petless

We've discovered more neighborhood animals since we lost Annie last summer. For instance, who knew Lake City could support stray cats? Fine with me as long as they are mousers. We have a bunny that digs for pine cones under the snow in the back yard...and this big papa deer who likes to guard my wood pile. Priya drew a picture for the buck and held it up to the window the other night, which I am sure he appreciated. However, she also referred to him as cuuuuute, which I'm sure he did not.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving, Birthday Party and the 2009 Tree Hunt

Thanksgiving was yummy as always. We started off the day with a Turkey Trot (2 mi stroll around town with all the folks in town). Christian had the saunas he's built all fired up for the chilly walkers to check out. Then, we scrambled to get our portion of the meal ready and headed up to C's parents. We had a total of 17 people at the table. Some family friends from Denver joined the festivities. They have two kids about the same age as Christian and a teenage girl who came with them. (They also happen to be the parents of a band member of the Fray. I'm adding him to my list of "famous people I almost know.")

After we stuffed ourselves thoroughly, I snuck in the kitchen with Silas to make a birthday cake. He had picked carrot cake and decided that it needed a real carrot stuck in the top.

Then, on Saturday, we went up on the pass to find a Christmas tree. We settled on a smaller one and have put the glass ornaments away for a few years...