Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fruitcake Toss

Last weekend, I participated in an annual Lake City event and won. Yes, I threw the fruitcake the farthest. I watched Mark, fellow champion, as he packed his fruitcake into a ball, dipped it in a puddle, and rolled it in the dead grass so it would not fall part. This was a disgusting, but rewarding process. Note: the fruitcake in our mouths is not what we threw, and this was Mark's idea. Silas suffered defeat at the hands of his younger cousin Titus, who threw his little fruitcake nine feet. Next year, I'll teach him how to pack it into a ball.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

19 weeks

Quote of the Day: "Momma do you have a baby in your bottom, too?"

Cute kid, huh? So, here we are at 19 weeks. Of the 20 lbs I lost last summer, I've gained 10 back. (Apparently not all belly, according to Silas.) I've been feeling baby since 13 weeks and Christian felt some appendage wiggling around last week. I'm watching my nephew today and getting a taste of THREE. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nutty November

November 19: I had a midwife appointment in Montrose (see announcement below). Christian took the day off and went with me. We took the kids swimming. I remember learning to count by holding my breath under the water...97, 98, 99....but, now I am a mountain momma and must drive my kids two hours to the nearest pool. We spent the night in a hotel.

November 20: I caught a plane to Alabama for a wedding and to see GG.

November 22: A happy day. My dear friend Christy was joined in marriage to Chris, a guy I've known since middle school. I didn't get many photos since I was shuffling kids and wedding events. I was honored to read scripture for the ceremony. The weekend was wonderful. I was delighted to see old friends and be there for the wedding.
November 23: Mom and I took the kids to the Birmingham zoo. On our way to Alabama, Silas had said, "I think GG will let us pet an alligator." Fortunately, they had some sheep and goats for that purpose. We rode the little train around the zoo and Silas rode a zebra, on the carousel. Going on a Sunday morning is a great idea. We only saw two other families.
November 24: The trip back. If it is only 13 minutes long, is it still considered a layover? Picture me, pregnant, running through the Chicago airport, pushing a double stroller, three bags on my back, sobbing. I ran from the F gates to the C gates (involved two escalators with the double stroller). The gate attendant felt sorry for me and called, yes, the captain. They put the bridge back and opened the plane door and let me on. When I got back to Montrose, I had a flat tire, go figure. That might be my last solo airline adventure with the kiddos.

November 25: Recovery day. Kids both had colds.

November 26: Silas turns 3! And, I throw an unrelated dinner party. What? Who throws an hors d'oeuvres party for 12 adults and 4 children the night before Thanksgiving?! Crazy. Silas rides his new bike. Happy Birthday to Silas....
November 27: Thanksgiving Day. I make the bread and the sweet potatoes. After the "Turkey Trot" walk around town, we head up to  Chrisitan's parents for a late lunch. While everyone naps off pumpkin cheesecake, I whip up some Birthday cupcakes. Again, who skips the Thanksgiving nap to bake?! Last year, we invited all the two year olds in town to the Birthday bash. This year, we skipped the turkey sandwiches and ate cupcakes for dinner with the family. 

November 28: The guys don't feel like working, so Christian has an unexpected day off. We clean the house, make piles of things to get rid of, and take Silas for another bike ride.

November 29: Christmas Tree '08. Getting the tree is always an event, and has been since long before I joined this family. We went out to the woods with Christian's parents, Dan and Amy (and Titus), and the kids in search of three perfect trees. Doug and Carol always get a 20 ft tree (seriously). I was thinking we'd put one on our corner coffee table, maybe 4 or 5 ft. Well, we came home with a beautiful, full, 12ft tree. They really do look bigger out in the woods. We rearranged furniture for the sucker. Here's some photos from our adventure.
The grandparents' tree, which was much smaller this year than usual:
Luckily, the tree we found had legs...
The kids found a place to rest..
Quick, find the best tree before anyone else can, he catches on fast...


Most of you know now, but we are expecting a third child in early May. I waited a while to announce this because I wanted Silas to tell my mom while we were in Birmingham. So, I am about 18 weeks pregnant. Silas and Priya are very excited. In fact, they have babies in their bellies, too. The baby in Silas's belly likes lollypops, he told me.
We were not trying to get pregnant again, to answer your question. However, after the shock wore off, we were elated. So, we'll have three kids in under 3 1/2 years. For Christian's parents, that will be 7 grandkids in 3 1/2 years. Amy, my sister-in-law, is due 4 weeks before me. So, we carpool to all the midwife appointments. In our tiny town, there are 6 babies due, one a month, for 6 months (Jan-June). I am friends with all the other girls. Maybe this is contagious after all.