Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Priya has been cutting teeth and growing lately. (MOODY.) She is still her smiley self most of the time, but she can sure scream her pretty little head off, too. She has been sleeping late in the morning and we have enjoyed some rare moments with our little gal. 

Bye Bye Deontae

Well, Deontae got on a bus this morning headed back to WV. We will miss you, D. Here's a photo of D teaching Silas to pick his hair "so it don't look nappy." Silas does have his fair share of bad hair days. Jake is still with us in CO. Photos of Jake to follow...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Silas: Spring Break 2008

I absolutely love those beautiful Alabama beach family photos where the light is just perfect, the whole family is in linen, and the sea oats are blowing gently in the breeze...but that isn't us, I guess. One day we went on a side trip to a cheese farm in Elberta, which was closed. We took the back way home after buying strawberries at Burris Market, past the pecan orchards (which are quickly turning into ugly sprawl), past where the biggest oak tree used to stand, past Point Clear, to the pier. We were not prepared for the beach, thus, the Sesame Street undies...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de WHAT!?

So, I heard that it is now the month of May. I certainly intended on updating this sooner. For some reason a flash memory of my Calculus II journal just surfaced in my brain. (I sure meant to keep up with that better, too. One of the absurd byproducts of the liberal arts education.)
Here's the quick update: We took a trip to 'bama, SC, and WV. Returning form WV with us, our two buds Jake and Deontae ("D" to those who can't manage Deontae). Jake will be with us in Lake city for a while working with Christian and hanging out. Deontae is headed back to WV this weekend. So begins another adventure in living and loving...
Jake, for those who don't know, lived with us right before Silas was born and attended our little school for his junior year. We are happy to have him in our home again. Priya is Jake's biggest fan...and Silas has a special bond with D, who taught him how to pick his hair with hair pick and sag his britches.

We have been busy building rug inventory for tourist season here in CO. For those who don't know, I run a small in-home weaving business (links to follow soon). Between the business, growing and teething children and keeping three hungry men fed...I have been a busy lady.