Saturday, March 19, 2011

Camp day

There is a camp about ten miles from lake City where many of our friends work. Today Camp Redcloud had a Open House. We went out to enjoy a day of family fun including horses, mud, zip-lines, lunch, mud, army trucks, mud, desert, coffee, and mud. Silas and Priya both rode horses. I considered riding, but thought my discomfort level would be disproportionate to my fun level. I did brave a very bumpy ride in a Vietnam era army truck, however. All three kids took a turn at a low-level zip line. Levi was adorable!! Silas had to ride with his legs out (he's a little too tall for the kiddie zip). Priya loved it and help to pull her brothers to the top of the line when it wasn't her turn. We had a great day hanging out with friends and family; and the kids went to bed early and exhausted. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

once a month

We've started taking a photo of the children on the first of every month. The idea is that we will have an accurate, consistent record of how fast they are growing up. Here are last month's shots., Silas doesn't always wear his hair that way...and...yes, I did trim Levi's hair.

Photos from Christian's birthday canyoneering trip to Utah

Christian's brother, Jason, and buddy, Lucky, took Christian on a semi-surprise trip to Utah for some canyoneering and hiking and camping last week. They did some long days of hiking and scooting through some slot canyons. They did a couple of long rappels into some of the canyons. A couple of the canyons were so narrow and deep, they were almost cave like. I have to admit I was jealous that he was able to spend four days in a warmer spot! This is the mud/ice season in Lake City and it seems everyone is getting their little getaway around now. Perhaps I'll make it over to the Springs to go to the zoo, or some smaller adventure before the baby comes.