Sunday, June 19, 2011

New kid on the block

The boys and Christian went across the alley to pick some rhubarb for a pie, when they spotted this two-day old fawn sleeping in the grass. The kids and I saw it on friday, the day it was born, but Christian hadn't seen it yet. I took one photo with my foot so you could see how tiny this little one really is. 

In other news, we spent the day yesterday at the park cheering for the San Juan Solstice  runners. This is a 50 mile endurance mountain race that starts and finishes in our town. Forest Swift, a local kid (17 year old), finished the race and the whole town was there to cheer him on. Way to go kid!! He just started running last year, did his first marathon in May and took on the fifty with lots of town support. Proud of my little town today. Baby deer in the who can run 50 Alpine miles. What a grand place to live. 

....and, Happy Father's Day to my Daddy and to my sweet husband. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Making me smile

making me smile today:

1. My daughter's bed looks like a sandbox.

2. My younger son's hair is long enough to cover up the massive forehead scrape he received when falling out of the stroller last night. (I was driving.)

3. When my husband fell in the swollen river last night trying to fetch a frisbee, he wasn't swept away.

4. My five year old can eat more than a tall, athletic woman who is 41 weeks pregnant. 

5. The kids and I saw the tiniest fawn I have ever seen today. I bet it was less than 24 hours old. (not much bigger than a cat). At least the full moon is helping someone to have babies. 

6. There was enough cloud cover that I didn't need to go through the 30 minute process of putting sunscreen on everyone today.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monthly shots

Here's June's monthly photos. We've added an extra one this month (taken at 40 weeks, yikes. I think the bad angle overpowers the slimming black). They are not usually great pictures, but we've enjoyed flipping through them quickly to see how the kids are growing. And, I happen to know the grandparents appreciate them. Levi is typically adorable. Silas is still my handsome boy, but is entering the awkward boy stage, I think. Not sure what sweet Priya is doing in her photo. 

Priya is 4!!!!

Priya's actual birthday is tomorrow, which is also Flag Day, which is also her Aunt Amy's birthday, which is also my due date. However, we celebrated with cupcakes and friends in the park yesterday, because Sunday was a better day for my backup crew of party-throwers had I been in labor. All in all, it was a very successful party. All of the special friends whom Priya really wanted to come were able to come; Priya was very thankful for all her presents and shared them well; the weather was amazing; and the cupcakes were delicious. One of the photos shows Priya with her special summertime friend Abbie, who is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met. I am so pleased that she has found a little girl friend to play with. She is so tough and tolerant of all the boys she plays with, but she just lights up when she can play with Abbie. Priya had a huge cupcake that was half chocolate and half vanilla cake with half chocolate and half vanilla cream cheese icing with some of every kind of sprinkle on top, as per her request. We aim to please. She received some sand box toys, a cute swim suit, a baseball hat, a dress, a camp chair, some bubbles, a book, a pet rock, and some handmade cards.

My fears of missing the party or not being able to throw one have been put to, I'm just waiting on the baby. I would love to give Priya a real baby for her birthday tomorrow, but in keeping with my pattern, it might be another 10 days or so.