Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dogless, but not petless

We've discovered more neighborhood animals since we lost Annie last summer. For instance, who knew Lake City could support stray cats? Fine with me as long as they are mousers. We have a bunny that digs for pine cones under the snow in the back yard...and this big papa deer who likes to guard my wood pile. Priya drew a picture for the buck and held it up to the window the other night, which I am sure he appreciated. However, she also referred to him as cuuuuute, which I'm sure he did not.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving, Birthday Party and the 2009 Tree Hunt

Thanksgiving was yummy as always. We started off the day with a Turkey Trot (2 mi stroll around town with all the folks in town). Christian had the saunas he's built all fired up for the chilly walkers to check out. Then, we scrambled to get our portion of the meal ready and headed up to C's parents. We had a total of 17 people at the table. Some family friends from Denver joined the festivities. They have two kids about the same age as Christian and a teenage girl who came with them. (They also happen to be the parents of a band member of the Fray. I'm adding him to my list of "famous people I almost know.")

After we stuffed ourselves thoroughly, I snuck in the kitchen with Silas to make a birthday cake. He had picked carrot cake and decided that it needed a real carrot stuck in the top.

Then, on Saturday, we went up on the pass to find a Christmas tree. We settled on a smaller one and have put the glass ornaments away for a few years...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spotlight on Levi

Levi reached his first half-birthday this week, which went relatively unnoticed. However, I thought I would post a few photos of this cute kid. We are so thankful for Levi! He brings joy to all of us with his wide smiles, bright eyes and fuzzy head. 

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting my 6 month old to be crawling and pulling up and playing with pots and pans just yet, but he has some wild siblings to catch up to. I had to lower the crib mattress today after he pulled a wild cowboy stunt during his nap.

I danced him to sleep tonight (I hope this doesn't become a nightly expectation)...and just thought about the last six months with this precious one. As we are not sure if we'll have more babies, I want to make sure and relish the few quiet moments I have with Levi.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

10 things that happened before 10am

1. We asked Priya if she had any dreams last night.
"Um...yeah, I dream bout, when I was in Colorado, I saw Judah and River."
Christian: "you were in college?"
Priya (loudly): "COLLEGE. I told you that already. It was aaaaamazing."

2. Priya got married. This entailed wrapping something, like a measuring tape, around herself and singing., "I'm getting married, I'm getting married."

3. Levi, who is crawling all over the house at just barely 6 months, pulled up to a standing position and let go with one hand.

4. Yes, folks, 'tis the season...I put a little egg nog in my coffee.

5. Silas, while looking for his shoes, put a bathing suit on his head.

6. Priya built a train track.

7. I started the chili for dinner.

8. I brushed my hair. Some of you will understand that with 3 kids under 4, this is an accomplishment.

9. We got ready for our walk to the Post Office. Silas usually rides his bike now.

10. I posted this blog.

One week until my first baby is 4 years old. Can't decide if we should do his party on Thanksgiving, which is his actual Birthday, or if we should wait until the weekend after, which is the great Christmas tree hunt day in this family.

Levi is really cute crawling. He's only 6 months old, but as big as Silas was at 9 months. He's 19 pounds already. Yesterday he crawled from my room all the way to through the kitchen, slapping his hands down on the floor and smiling at himself. Coming soon...pureed veggies. I think I'll wait until after Thanksgiving, he's not hurting for food, obviously!

Monday, November 9, 2009

She's so pretty when she's sleeping...

Ear infections aren't lovely, but I sure think this little girl is!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tricks and Treats

Snow White and Prince Charming enjoyed their Halloween activities, which included a visit from Bud and Jo-jo. Sorry, I didn't get a shot of Dopey, whose costume was a floppy hat and footies. Priya was a bit cranky with a sniffly nose, which later developed into a raging ear infection, which merited an 8pm med-center visit. 

We've been busy switching out the kids' clothes for larger ones. This seems to be an ever-present job in our home. Silas always transitions into the next size before his birthday (a year ahead). Example, before he turns 4, he's in size 5. Speaking of rapid child growth, does anyone know if kids have "hormonal" days? I think they do...Silas has been aggressive and weepy all at the same time today.

Levi is crawling and sitting and wearing 12 month clothing...he's five months old!!! 

I'm pretty excited about an upcoming birth in town that I will be attending. This will be my eighth home-birth that I will be observing/assisting with. And...the first time I will have ever been at a birth without being pregnant!! I've also been weaving quite a bit, working hard to keep a deadline. OK, Mom, do you feel updated now?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fess up

OK, I admit it, I joined Facebook. If you've missed me, that is where I've been. I know, I've betrayed the blogosphere for something cheaper and easier. I repent. I've had my little fling and now, I hope I will be yours yet again.

By way of keeping you posted: Levi is doing an army crawl/drag move and a steam roller type move. Silas is reading simple stories and learning to add and that princes fight dragons. Priya is a total riot, as always.

We went to Ft. Collins last weekend to visit Christian's brother and his family. My nephews are growing so fast up there!! We took some hikes and went to a petting zoo and enjoyed multiple late night chats. 

Also of note, Christian and I celebrated seven years of marriage last weekend. 

So, dear readers, I am sorry for my absence, but I've come to my senses and will be blogging more regularly now. Coming soon...Halloween photos and book/movie review posts. I know, you're on the edge of your seat already.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

Last night, we were fortunate enough to see Trace Bundy play in our little mountain town. Trace is amazing, if you haven't heard of him, you should check out his music. He calls himself the acoustic ninja, and he is indeed so.

Today, the Lake City Wine and Music Fest is rocking the town park. We live a block away, so I'm at home with the napping kiddos for a bit. The aspen trees are at peak color. (Yes, it's fall here already). 

Tomorrow, we're planning a family hike to see more of the fall colors. 

We keep thinking things will calm down now that the summer is over....but that has not happened yet. We're still enjoying the great music this town has to offer and it seems we have folks over to the house at least three nights a week. We're never sure how long we'll be here, but we sure love this little mountain town and all the great people here. 

Friday, September 4, 2009

What we're growing,,,

1. Vegies

We have really reaped the benefits of our greenhouse and garden this summer. 

Tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, lettuce, sweet peas, carrots, radishes, onions, cilantro, basil, amaranth, sunflowers, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, serrano peppers, bell peppers, eggplant, corn, green beans.

My favorites: cherry tomatoes, sweet peas, basil...mmmmm

We made a lovely bruschetta with the tomatoes and basil that the guys brought home today. The greenhouse, visible from the road, has folks talking. Christian is going to build two more greenhouses this fall for some people in town. 

2. Our rug inventory

If you haven't heard, we have a small, but growing, weaving business. I've been up late these last few weeks making rugs for an Art show this month. Yes, we do custom orders. Yes, I'd love to make you one. Yes, we'll have a website soon.

3. Levi and his mohawk...the hairs are few, but the attitude is key

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Levi at 3 months

Levi is by far the easiest baby we've had so far. He's happy when he's awake, he sleeps easily, rides in the car easily, loves to hike and walk (while strapped to his momma), likes other people to hold him, has a great sense of humor, and eats like it is a full-time job. He's pushing 16 lbs. He's tall, dark and handsome. Definitely has his momma's coloring (not sure on the eyes yet, but they are not blue). We are so blessed to have each of our wonderful children.  Although it was not our plan for last year...we are so glad to have a third one!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

First day...

Silas woke us up at 7:40 (hey, we're on a summer schedule) and said, "I heard someone say class was over, but I haven't even been to class yet." School anxiety dream for a three year old??! We stuffed some cereal in his pockets and he rode on the back of Daddy's bike to school (three blocks away). There are five kids in his once a week 3yr old pre-school class. I will say that they are some of the sweetest kids in town...and they are all almost four years old. So, they are older for the class. He learned how to play duck, duck goose; played a computer game with a fireman; and sang "the wheels on the bus." Next week: Calculus and 18th Century French Lit. 

Priya cried her eyes out when he left and said, "Silas is running away from me." He said, "Don't worry, you can come next year, when you're 3 and 1/2." 

We're going over to Christian's sister's house for the following menu tonight: beer battered and fried squash, zuccini and eggplant and catfish and chicken. Sweet potato and regular fries. Baked tuna steak. Custard and cookies. Peaches. If you don't hear form me, I've probably had a heart attack.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August in a nutshell

We went on a two week vacation and it has taken at least a week to recover. We left on August 3rd and went to California via Utah and Nevada. We were in Cali from the 5th through the 14th, then we headed home. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take too many photos. I will borrow some from Christian's family to post later. I can't give a detailed account...but here are some highlights of our trip:

For Silas, the trip was a bugcation. He found the strangest, largest bugs everytime we stopped the car (which with a nursing baby and a potty training 2 year old was OFTEN). He found a caterpillar of a hummingbird moth. He even got to look for grasshoppers in 110 degrees in the Mojave dessert.

We stayed in the San Bernardino Mts near a town called Lake Arrowhead, off a road called Rim of the World Highway. We were basically on a cliff about a mile (seriously) up above LA. We were able to sit on the edge and look over the LA area lights one evening. Amazing. 

The wedding of Christian's cousin was also pretty spectacular. The rehearsal dinner was on the viewing lawn of a restaurant overlooking Dana Point Harbor. As we toasted the couple, a huge harvest moon rose over the bay. David, the cousin, married one of the most striking brides I have ever seen (photos to follow). Priya called her the princess and kept looking for her from our hotel balcony.

We loved the Santa Barbara and Morro Bay areas. Beautiful beaches and cool towns. We found all the cool playgrounds in Santa Barbara, one like a castle, and one with whales you could climb. We had some tasty playground treats: corn on the cob on a stick with mayo, cheese, chili, salt and butter...and a mango on a stick made to look like a flower with lemon juice and salt (I skipped the chili). Silas met a girl who knew how to catch turtles in the pond.

We camped out in San Simeon for a few days, near Hearst Castle. Silas and Priya played at the campsite with Kaya and Kayo a girl and boy from LA who had a Japanese mother and a Dutch father. We showed them how to make s'mores. Silas wants to go back and see them someday. 

Priya's brightest moment, "Look, mama, I see somepin on that rock. It's, it's a....bear. Uh, it's kinda like a fish." Of course, she had seen her first seal. We also found a starfish and some sea urchins in the waves. 

We drove back through hot, smoky central California and stopped at James Dean's last stop to buy some chili lime almonds, before driving all day and getting a flat tire in the middle of the sweltering dessert and arrived in Las Vegas, where we saw two of Christian's uncles. 

Since we've been back, I've had the "home-grown-tomatoes" song stuck in my head because our greenhouse is producing the sweetest, reddest ones you've ever seen. I scrapped most of the skin off my right leg when I tripped while running. My children are suffering the effects of too much local sweet corn and peaches. I have washed 1500 loads of laundry. I've had company over for a meal at least five times. We went to a good-bye party for our friends Jordan and Charity, who took their beautiful little red head baby and moved to Utah. We went to a Green Party (the whole town came and everyone wore green) for our good friend Lucky, from Ireland, who f-i-n-a-l-y got his greencard, after marrying our other dear friend two years ago.  I've been weaving up a storm for an Art show coming up next month and Christian has been sawing up logs into siding for a guy in town. Deep breath in....exhale. 

still humming....."home grown tomatoes, home grown tomatoes, only two things money can't buy, and that's true love and home grown tomatoes....."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's that in the truck, under the tarp?

Oh, a phone booth. I see. What are we going to do with it? 

Despite my initial hesitation about this large addition to my kitchen, it is growing on me. This phone booth was originally in the Lake City Bank in the 20s or 30s (whenever phones first made it here). We live a block from the bank in one of the oldest houses in town...I guess that makes us good candidates for loving this old thing. And, the glass doors block out some of the kid noise when I'm on the phone.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Where's my baby?"

...this is what Priya says when she can't find Levi. I am sharing him with her, as I vowed I would do. Thankfully, he's a hefty little guy so she can't try to walk around with him. 

I better get to my I ran 5 miles, walked 2, and stood in my doorway for way too long talking with a Jehovah's witness. I found a bunch of info on a great website about their absurd, I'll be better prepared next time. Needless to say, the laundry is piling up and we're eating leftovers for dinner. Stay tuned...coming soon...why my husband is not allowed to drive a truck to Gunnison anymore...

Friday, July 17, 2009

ok, alright

For all ye who thought the last post was decidedly lacking in kiddo pictures (ahem, grandparents), here are a couple I lifted from a friend. My camera is up and running, so as soon as the kids wake up tomorrow, I'll be filling their eyes with flashes and your email accounts with updated faces. 
P.S. Silas didn't run that bird hit the window and we let him whisper to it until it was ready to fly again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

We love the night life, we like to boogie....

First a few random photos, then I'll tell of our latest late night adventures...

Christian and Kyle, the kid he mentors, before a recent rafting trip.

Priya on July 4th, selling Colorado cherries from her wagon. 

We've had some late nights lately. Poor Silas, the firstborn was subjected to 7:15 bedtimes his first 2 years of life. With three kids, we've gotten a lot more relaxed about a lot of things, including bedtimes, which frees us up for a little more summer fun in the evenings. We've been going to at least one softball game a week in town. There are more knee-braces and designated runners than I care to mention. July 4th included late night fireworks. Priya was spouting adorable things like "Can't get 'em. Too high up. OOO a green one". Of course to her, they were all green. 
On July 5th, Levi and I went on a date to see Sweet Sunny South, the bluegrass and old-time band pictured below. They are one of my favorites and are based out of Paonia, CO (where we pick our cherries). They sing and play around a single microphone and therefore must dance around one another to blend the sounds. I love their sound and they are each such amazing performers. Do yourself a favor and check them out at Or check them out on youtube to see them in action. 

Silas went to see his first movie at theater on Friday night. We took him to see UP, which, yes, just made it to our local theater. He was excited about the big screen and the movie, but probably missed most of the meaning. I, by the way, loved the movie. Let me tell you a little about the Mountaineer Movie theater. I'd be surprised if it seats 100 people. Don't even ask if there is more than one screen! "Lake City's living room," offers a unique movie experience. Phil, the owner, stands in front of the screen before each showing and explains the upcoming movies, tells bad jokes, and even gives out door prizes. Yes, folks hold on to those ticket stubs, he just might call your number. Last week, there was a free pie form the local bakery, a pen, a poster, and, ahem, a bag of potatoes for the door prizes. We didn't win, but I think it was rigged for a local birthday girl to win that night. I love this town!

Then on Saturday, we saw this dude (Wylie Jones), who is a friend of a friend, at Mean Jean's coffee house. He played reggae music and was amazing. How a white guy from Virginia can sound so Jamaican, I'm not sure. He was joined by some local drummers on the second set as our children fell asleep in our laps. (This photo is from the web, he played a more mellow scene with an acoustic guitar for us.) We're looking for some late night weaving and vacation planning this week. 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick Update

We had a great July 4th, though I'm sorry to say, I didn't have my camera out that day. We've been using the sunscreen/mosquito spray combo almost everyday. (A wet spring and a blazing July.) We sold lots of rugs and even more Colorado cherries at our booth on July 3rd. 

Christian's milling business is taking off, he has four orders to fulfill between tomorrow and wednesday. He has had the mill parked in town and he can hardly work because so many old dudes keep stopping to watch, chat, and say "I always wanted one of those."

We're currently planning a big family road trip to California in August, which according to my calendar is right around the corner. I'll keep you posted on our plans. 

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chunky Monkey

Six weeks and over twelve pounds and 24 inches, Levi is trying to catch up with his big brother as soon as possible. Speaking of weight, Silas recently informed us that he weighs 200 pounds, his daddy weighs 300 pounds...and me, well, mamma weighs 17 pounds. Smart kid, I like him.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

30 + 1

Last year our town and a nearby camp suffered a stomach virus epidemic of sorts. I was the first one in our circle to contract the virus, and twenty-one of my friends and family followed. This was during the month that surrounded my thirtieth birthday...we kept trying to have a party, but everyone was bowing out of social functions and choosing to disinfect entire buildings with bleach instead. 
So, this year, my friends made up for it with a big "30 +1" surprise bash at the patio of a local coffee shop. Lots of yummy food and cake (I was even offered a mocha containing chocolate vodka--accepted the mocha, declined the vodka). To end the evening...while dancing, Priya pulled over the table containing the punch bowl on top of her, broke the bowl, landed under the table, and drenched her cousin in sherbet and sprite. These things happen when you party too hard, I explained. Levi celebrated by taking a napping tour of all the available arms and laps. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Lake City baby

My friend Charity had a baby girl last week. Adelaide is quite possibly the most beautiful newborn I've ever seen, with big cheeks and thick RED hair. I'm arranging a marriage with Levi...immediately.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goodbye, Annie.

Soon after Levi was born, our dog suddenly got old. The week before she was running and playing, and then....she stopped eating, and pretty much gave up on life. We took her to the vet, who gave her some shots, but basically said, "She's way past the expected life span for her breed." A few more weeks went by, as we teetered on the decision that we made today. The goodbye was more difficult than I had imagined. She was 10 1/2 years old. I have had her since her first birthday. She was with me through the last semester of college, West Virginia, my first six years of marriage and the birth of my three children. Annie was a great dog, a good companion, and protector of the children. Silas asked "what will they do with Annie?" when he saw me crying this morning. I told him "Dr. Howard will take care of her until she dies." He grabbed Annie's face and said, "Annie, God will be with you wherever you go," which was his Sunday School lesson last week. (I'm not sure about the theology of that, but at that point, I really lost it, laughing and crying at the same time.) Goodbye old girl.