Friday, October 28, 2011

Hartman Halloween

The kids had a carnival tonight with their school. Silas is my not-so-scary scarecrow. Priya is a flower fairy. Levi, of course, is my little surfer dude. Elliot made a showing in his dino PJs, but not for the camera. Silas and Priya won second and third place for their age group. Frankly, Levi was robbed!!! Looked how cute he is; dude definitely deserved a ribbon! There was some stiff competition (one of the cutest girls in town dressed up as Yoda!!). After way too much sugar...Silas went off with Papa to watch the world series (try tracking down a TV in this town). And, Priya and Levi spun out of control until they crashed. Whew, we haven't even trick-or-treated yet.