Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's that in the truck, under the tarp?

Oh, a phone booth. I see. What are we going to do with it? 

Despite my initial hesitation about this large addition to my kitchen, it is growing on me. This phone booth was originally in the Lake City Bank in the 20s or 30s (whenever phones first made it here). We live a block from the bank in one of the oldest houses in town...I guess that makes us good candidates for loving this old thing. And, the glass doors block out some of the kid noise when I'm on the phone.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Where's my baby?"

...this is what Priya says when she can't find Levi. I am sharing him with her, as I vowed I would do. Thankfully, he's a hefty little guy so she can't try to walk around with him. 

I better get to my chores...today I ran 5 miles, walked 2, and stood in my doorway for way too long talking with a Jehovah's witness. I found a bunch of info on a great website about their absurd teachings...so, I'll be better prepared next time. Needless to say, the laundry is piling up and we're eating leftovers for dinner. Stay tuned...coming soon...why my husband is not allowed to drive a truck to Gunnison anymore...

Friday, July 17, 2009

ok, alright

For all ye who thought the last post was decidedly lacking in kiddo pictures (ahem, grandparents), here are a couple I lifted from a friend. My camera is up and running, so as soon as the kids wake up tomorrow, I'll be filling their eyes with flashes and your email accounts with updated faces. 
P.S. Silas didn't run that bird down...it hit the window and we let him whisper to it until it was ready to fly again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

We love the night life, we like to boogie....

First a few random photos, then I'll tell of our latest late night adventures...

Christian and Kyle, the kid he mentors, before a recent rafting trip.

Priya on July 4th, selling Colorado cherries from her wagon. 

We've had some late nights lately. Poor Silas, the firstborn was subjected to 7:15 bedtimes his first 2 years of life. With three kids, we've gotten a lot more relaxed about a lot of things, including bedtimes, which frees us up for a little more summer fun in the evenings. We've been going to at least one softball game a week in town. There are more knee-braces and designated runners than I care to mention. July 4th included late night fireworks. Priya was spouting adorable things like "Can't get 'em. Too high up. OOO a green one". Of course to her, they were all green. 
On July 5th, Levi and I went on a date to see Sweet Sunny South, the bluegrass and old-time band pictured below. They are one of my favorites and are based out of Paonia, CO (where we pick our cherries). They sing and play around a single microphone and therefore must dance around one another to blend the sounds. I love their sound and they are each such amazing performers. Do yourself a favor and check them out at www.sweetsunnysouth.com. Or check them out on youtube to see them in action. 

Silas went to see his first movie at theater on Friday night. We took him to see UP, which, yes, just made it to our local theater. He was excited about the big screen and the movie, but probably missed most of the meaning. I, by the way, loved the movie. Let me tell you a little about the Mountaineer Movie theater. I'd be surprised if it seats 100 people. Don't even ask if there is more than one screen! "Lake City's living room," offers a unique movie experience. Phil, the owner, stands in front of the screen before each showing and explains the upcoming movies, tells bad jokes, and even gives out door prizes. Yes, folks hold on to those ticket stubs, he just might call your number. Last week, there was a free pie form the local bakery, a pen, a poster, and, ahem, a bag of potatoes for the door prizes. We didn't win, but I think it was rigged for a local birthday girl to win that night. I love this town!

Then on Saturday, we saw this dude (Wylie Jones), who is a friend of a friend, at Mean Jean's coffee house. He played reggae music and was amazing. How a white guy from Virginia can sound so Jamaican, I'm not sure. He was joined by some local drummers on the second set as our children fell asleep in our laps. (This photo is from the web, he played a more mellow scene with an acoustic guitar for us.) We're looking for some late night weaving and vacation planning this week. 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick Update

We had a great July 4th, though I'm sorry to say, I didn't have my camera out that day. We've been using the sunscreen/mosquito spray combo almost everyday. (A wet spring and a blazing July.) We sold lots of rugs and even more Colorado cherries at our booth on July 3rd. 

Christian's milling business is taking off, he has four orders to fulfill between tomorrow and wednesday. He has had the mill parked in town and he can hardly work because so many old dudes keep stopping to watch, chat, and say "I always wanted one of those."

We're currently planning a big family road trip to California in August, which according to my calendar is right around the corner. I'll keep you posted on our plans.