Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hello all, just a few photos to keep you engaged. This fall, we've had lots of family visits and activities. Christian's brother moved to town...we now have all (soon to be 8) cousins in the same little town. Robin is pregnant and due this spring...we're enjoying having all 4 of our nephews around. 

The family photo was taken at a recent wedding we attended. (I know, the children look like they've just been incarcerated.)

Christian surprised me by buying me a rowing shell (long skinny boat with lovely long wooden oars and sliding seat) last month and I have been rowing on Lake San Cristobal some. Still running a lot, too. The fall has been glorious here...extended colors and warmish weather.

Christian has had lots of orders to fill at the saw mill, so I've been putting in some morning hours working with him. Levi will ride in the backpack while I stain decking or move lumber or load up firewood...and whichever older kid is not in pre-school that day will entertain themselves with rocks or sticks and the like. I've enjoyed being around him more since he has been working long hours to fulfill the orders. 

bonus quote from Silas: "We brush our teeth so we don't get cabbages." 
He would also like a "lifesaver" for his birthday. You and I would call it a light-saber. We have cousin Judah to thank for the Star Wars interest. (I don't think Silas even knows it is a movie yet).