Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our girl

The gender differences were apparent pretty early with Priya. From her girly squeals to her love of soft cuddly things, Priya is definitely a girl. Ok, so she's in overalls and covered in dirt most of the time, but she's wired different than Silas for sure. We've loved having a boy and a girl. (Just so you know, Silas occasionally wants bows in his hair and Priya likes trucks as much as her momma.)

the latest...

Just a short update to keep my readers faithful...
Last Saturday we hiked another trail, William's Creek. Silas hiked about 3 miles by himself! Before we left, we weighed the packs and we had 90lbs between the two packs. We were hoping to make it up to Grassy Peak, but the weather, and my quads did not permit. We probably hiked 10 miles or so. 
On Sunday, my buddy Amy Jo and I had a little tie-dye party. We've wanted to try dying some rugs, and some clothes for the kiddos. Amy Jo is having a baby around the beginning of November. (I'll be able to assist with that birth!) 
Sunday evening, I watched "The Music Man" for the first time. I loved it. Especially the song in which all the ladies of River city looked like peeping chickens. 
Speaking of movies, I thought I would tell you a little about our local movie theatre. The Mountaineer Theatre is open only in the summer, shows one movie a week on the weekends only, and is absolutely fabulous. Phil, the owner, stands in front of the screen before each show and welcomes everyone and gives out door prizes: free movie tickets, a poster, some candy, a free pie form the bakery. Everyone cheers for each prize. It's so "small town" and I love it. 
On Tuesday, we went to a kiddo music party. This is one of those big city things that we don't ever do. A summer resident takes her daughter to the opera house in Austin for a similar class. We played instruments and danced with ribbons and played the sticks. Incidentally, I have a very strong memory of a high pressure stick clicking recital at my kindergarten graduation. You remember those sticks, painted blue or red, with ridges. Click, rub, click, argggg....Too much pressure for a five year old!
Yesterday, I went to Gunnison with Amy Jo for her midwife appointment. Silas stayed in Lake City with Emily, his red-headed summer love from the Soda Fountain. This morning, the kids and I all woke up with a cold. 
This upcoming weekend, Christian is going caving with some friends and family. Seeing as I can't probably manage the 90lbs of kids and food, we'll forgo the big Saturday hike this week. Chrisitian's aunt will be here, however, so we'll hang out and let her love on the kiddos. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Horseless Carriages

A slight change from the ATVs and motorbikes that usually buzz by my home, these old cars paid my block a visit yesterday. The green and red one (ok, so I don't its make and model) was the first car ever to drive through Lake City, a long time ago. Most of these were pre-1920. I have lots more photos, but I don't want to bore those of you who might not be as into old cars as I am. I still remember going to a car show at the Whataburger parking lot and getting hooked on the classics as a child.
Sidenote: these cars still run great after 100 years. I am saddened that our cars are usually dead after 5. The Rodeo we drive now is 15 years old and still rolling. (Christian daydreams about buying a, *gasp*, new Jetta and making his own bio-diesel, but what we have works for now.) 

Baking bread

Every week or 10 days, I bake bread. The recipe makes three loaves (or two loaves and a pan of cinnamon rolls). Today, because Silas woke her up from her nap, Priya was my helper. She wore this apron that my mother made for me, ahem, twenty something years ago. Ok, so she didn't really help. She just toddled around making adorable noises.

1.  Mix and let sit 5 minutes: 2 tbsp yeast, 1 tbsp sugar, 
1 cup water
2. Add 1 cup flour, let sit another 20 minutes
3. Add: 3 cups water, 1 cup honey or sugar, 2 tbsp oil, 
1 tbsp salt, 7-9 cups of flour
4. knead
5. let rise in bowl, covered, for 1 hour
6. place in pans, let double (1 hour)
7. bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes
I use some white, some wheat, some oats, some spelt, some almond flour....whatever you throw in there seems to work. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crystal Lake

I stopped setting up my booth at the Saturday local artist market. So, we hope to be hiking on saturdays. We took the kids up to Crystal Lake last weekend; we didn't make it up the peak. We thought we'd start with this 7 mile hike. Silas hiked about 1.5 miles. Christian carried Silas and some diapers and extra clothes (between 40 and 45 lbs). I carried Priya and all the food and water (about 35 or 40 lbs). Taking the kids makes a day hike feel like an expedition, but it is still doable. We're going to attempt a longer, higher altitude hike this weekend. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer beasts

Normally, I think of the deer around Lake City as you might think of stray dogs on your street, or mice in your attic. They eat our flowers, poop in the yard, and cross the street when- and wherever they please. However, this time of year, when their coats are shiny, their bellies fat, and their antlers in velvet, they are strikingly beautiful. These guys were munching in our alley a few nights ago. 
Tonight, moments ago, in fact, Annie went bonkers and we knew there was a bear close by. So, we did exactly what you would do, we threw the kids in bed and jumped on our bikes to find it. It was still in our alley and we trailed it until it climbed slowly up the bluff about a block away. (Didn't have time to grab the camera.)
Here's a list of animals I've seen since moving here: deer, elk, mountain goats, big horned sheep, antelope, moose, porcupine, bear, marmot, pikas, bobcats, a lynx. I have not seen a mountain lion, but I'm not entirely sure I'd like to encounter one.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fuzzi Bunz

Since it is official that 80% of the readers of this blog are currently pregnant, I thought I'd throw out some advice on diapering. Early on with Silas we decided to use cloth diapers, for economic and environmental reasons. I have never regretted the decision, not even once. In fact, every time I change someone else's kid with a disposable diaper, I get grossed out. The smell of whatever those things are made of is pretty distinct, especially when wet. We tried several brands and settled happily on the Fuzzi Bunz brand. The ones that Priya is wearing have been through 4 cousins and are still wearing strong.
To answer any questions you might have:
No, it is not gross. Take a trip to the landfill. That's gross.
No, they do not stain. The interiors are all bright white.
Yes, it saves money. Saves more if you have more than one kid (or nephews/nieces).
Yes, it takes time. (I hang ours out to dry on a line, which I actually enjoy). Not much time.
Yes, they come in great colors!
Yes, you can sell them on e-bay after you're finished with them.
My kids have each had diaper rash once (after wearing disposables while traveling). We now travel with our cloth diapers. We even hung them out to dry on a terrace in Italy once. Well, there's my two cents. Oh, and if you're not pregnant, beware, apparently reading this blog increases your chances.

Monday, July 14, 2008

What Christian is up to...

Christian has been working on this home since last year. The five man crew is building this 5,000 square foot home on the river about three blocks from our little house. He rides his bike to work, and home for lunch. Every time I run/walk/ride by...he's in some high place on a ladder, on scaffolding, or hanging by a rope putting up roofing. Last Friday, we went swimming in the river after he got off work, and then drank beers (courtesy the home-owners). What a wonderful work situation!! 
The couple he's building for has as much taste as they do disposable income; so, Christian gets to do lots of custom work. The Douglas fir vanity he made won 4th place in our local art contest this year(photo to follow). The siding is wood, rock and metal around the bottom, and hammered birch bark in the top of the bigger gables.  The third photos shows all the exterior materials. And, yes the roof is supposed to be rusted.  The timber framed truss on the front porch was crafted from antique timber and cost $15,000. There's another in the great room.
This week, for those of you who care about the day-in-day-out stuff, we're selling our rugs at an art show tomorrow, refurbishing an old townie bike, going to Gunnison for groceries, and hiking next Saturday. 

Monday, July 7, 2008

Posts gallore

We had a quiet morning. Silas put together a puzzle. Priya slept. I updated this blog with news from the last week...enjoy.

Cherry Days

On Saturday, we took an adventurous family trip which included one flat tire, one herd of sheep, 40 lbs of fresh cherries, and the biggest bull any of us had ever seen. We drove over to the great little town of Paonia, CO to pick some cherries. While taking the short-cut (of course), we drove by this herd of sheep guarded only by this faithful dog. 
Shortly thereafter, we busted a tire. After a relatively quick fix, we continued on and had a near perfect day of picnicking and cherry picking (and grocery shopping and new tire purchasing). 
Silas found this great old truck (you know I'm a sucker for old trucks). He said, "Momma sit in back and I'll give you a ride."
Christian and I both thought how we'd like to live somewhere closer to orchards and green things. Lake City is soooo green, uh, for about three months. 

OK, you win

Even us tall girls couldn't compete with this guy.

July 4th 10am, the parade

Each year, the town chooses a theme for the Fourth of July parade. This years' theme was "Go Green," quite possibly the stupidest theme for a parade ever! Think about it, huge diesel trucks pulling huge trailers and going five mph hours down the highway. Just how environmentally friendly is that? Our friends Becky and Katie rode white horses that had been painted head to hoof green and wore signs saying "organic fertilizer." (Sorry, I didn't catch that on the camera.) Despite the oxymoronic nature of the parade, a grand time was had by all. Priya liked waving to everyone. Silas was partial to the free bubble gum. 

July 4th 9am: Hazzah, OOOyea

I don't know if hazzah is an authentic exclamation of joy from the 1770s or not, but our town crier came around at 9am on the 4th yelling Hazzah! and ringing a bell. He read the Declaration of Independence on the Museum steps across from our home. Joining him, our resident German, Pamela, read the document in German, which was apparently the first language in which it was printed. We townsfolk shouted, "down with the king" and other appropriate things. This was a new and welcome addition to the Lake City festivities.  

Iris, 2008

Last year when the iris were blooming, I gave birth to Priya Iris. I thought I would take her picture with the flower after which she was named. This is what she thought of the idea. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rolling with my homies

Priya loves her birthday wagon. Thanks to everyone who chipped in and to Silas and Christian who assembled this beauty while I was running one day! I promise some photos of adults and more thought provoking blogs are to follow. (The Alabama crowd has and insatiable appetite for photos of the growing kiddos.) 

Life is good...

When your grandparents own an ice cream store! The cousins took a break from their hectic schedule the other day for some R and R in front of the soda fountain. To check out the store visit Or, come visit us in Lake City!!