Monday, February 14, 2011

More Winter fun

We've been skiing every weekend with the kids. Well, actually, Christian has been skiing with the kids and I've been snow shoeing up the mountain with Levi on my back. We went to the annual balloon festival last weekend out at the lake, which of course is frozen this time of year. The kids have enjoyed pulling each other around in the sled and sledding down the "snow plow hills" on our block. Overall, it has been sunnier and warming up and I hope it holds! Winters are long here, but at least it is sunny. And, there's lots of fun in the snow! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

recent accomplishments

Levi has recently mastered the watercolor medium and the potty. We're still working on the two-footed jump. 

who loves blizzards?

I guess Christian and Priya have different opinions of blizzards. They went out to let a friend's dogs out the other evening...and came home looking like this. It was the roughest 25 minutes of snow I've seen.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Face shot for Jojo

Two more photos

Priya is shredding up the slopes...and is tough as nails with 2 brothers and five boy cousins. But, she is still the little momma of the house, too.

Ski Hill 2011

Silas has mastered the lift this year. Priya is almost there. Silas can go all day...up the lift and down the slopes, again and again. Priya is very serious about skiing. She's focused and knows how to follow Silas all the way down. The mommas have little picnic table day care set up at the bottom of the lift and take turns watching the toddlers...although Levi thinks he's ready!