Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey, Mister, throw me something!

Anyone got a hankering for a moon pie? From an NPR story today: "You can throw 'em real far, they don't hurt too bad when they hit you in the head, and you can eat 'em." Well, you could, but does anyone actually eat them? Maybe the same guy who wears the beads to work the next day. Happy Mardi Gras y'all! (And, for the record, I much prefer the King Cake.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Calendar Girls

From left to right...Miss June, Miss May, Miss April, and Miss March. Just a few of us who are sporting the belly in Lake City right now. We've counted at least 11 babies coming this year. For our town, this is a huge boom. The girl to the right of me is my lovely sister-in law who is due 4 weeks before me. The other girls, Charity and Crystal are dear friends of ours and are both expecting girls.  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Party girl

We've recovered from a month of sickness. Now we're trying to prepare for another child...let the nesting begin. 

Potty training has been an adventure for Priya. She's getting it (kind of). She is starting to string words together into sentences. Things like, "Poopoo panties, uh-oh." On this subject, I have told her it is not an uh-oh if you do it every time. (She hasn't wet her pants in a week or so.) Early potty training requires a bit more patience, I'm afraid. 

Here's a typical Silas and Priya conversation...
Silas: "Priya, look at...Priya, look at...Priya, listen to...."
Priya: "BUSY!"
Silas: "No, you're not busy."
(ensuing yelling match of "busy" and "no" follows)

I'm catching on to this whole sibling thing slowly. I am less shocked at how they treat one another. Encouraging through the sweet times and teaching through the fighting...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

oh, and...

I was also wondering why bloggers don't do the reverse belly photos. You know, here's me one week postpartum, two months, etc. Not saying that I will accept this challenge, just thought it would be comical. For all the fans of the's looking at 28 weeks...
The other momma in the family is preparing for a new baby as well. Priya goes everywhere with this thing!! She has a few words to say about the baby in my belly, "Out. Hold you. Mine", which means, "Look, lady, you may have conceived, carried, and (eventually) birthed this child, but once it is out, I will hold it and it will belong to ME!" She is economical with her words, but I catch her meaning and am preparing to share.

Balloon Fest '09

So, Lake City is not really a city. Our population is only about 400 year-round residents. However, we do have a lake. Lake San Cristobal is the second largest natural lake in Colorado and was formed by a massive mudslide several hundred years back. The lake, of course, freezes over in the winter. In early February each year, there is a hot air balloon festival on the lake. Christian and I rode in one a few years back, but we just watched from the island this year. 

I was sick for a couple of weeks and lost my voice. Two toddlers and a big-bellied speechless momma made for some interesting days. I think I cheered and yelled on the volleyball court for too many years. Whenever I get a cold, if I strain my voice at just vanishes. 

The whole family has recovered from the sickness and we enjoyed playing in the sandbox in the warm winter weather this weekend.