Friday, August 29, 2008

Latest adventures

Silas just discovered the sprinkler. In Colorado, we actually have to water the grass several times a week. The town water is very cold (we never use ice). But, yesterday was hot, and Silas was feeling adventurous. After he discovered how much fun running through the sprinkler could be, he was sure that Priya would want to as well. She was not as sure. So, he assisted her.

Last week, after my trip to Gunnison for groceries, when it was in the 80s and my  Honda's A/C was broken, a friend and I stopped at the reservoir and jumped in the water with all our clothes on. There is something about swimming in jeans that feels wild and reckless. (I suppose not as wild as swimming without clothes.) It was the third time this summer I've jumped in the water with jeans on. The water was "warm" compared to where we normally swim in the river in Lake City.

Priya was sleeping in the car that was parked on the beach. I put a blanket over the top of the car to shade her and weighed it down with two small stones on top of the car. When we were getting back in the car, she woke up and tugged on the blanket through her window. And, POW, a rock slid down and busted the window, which was only half rolled down. Apparently we have a $0 deductible on our policy for all real harm done.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Little momma

Priya has taken to mixing up and serving invisible food to us (and occasionally to Molly the dolly). She nurtures anything fuzzy or human looking by diapering, cuddling, and always making sure they have a hat. I don't know where she gets her obsession with shoes (not from me!) 

On a related note, here's a recent commentary on the genders from Silas:

Silas: (loud squeal) That was a girl sound.
Priya: girrrr
Silas: I'm not a girl, you're a girl. And, momma's a girl. I'm a boy. And, Daddy is a man, and...a guy. Mans are guys, too. Priya, you're not a buddy. Buddies are guys...and boys are buddies, too. 

Everyone clear?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Silas hiked to the summit of Uncompahgre Mountain last weekend.  At 14, 314 feet Uncompahgre is the 6th highest mountain in Colorado, but the highest peak on the Western slope. We did not set out thinking he would hike the whole way (and half way down), but he kept trotting along the trail and up the rocky scramble to the peak. Christian held his hand some, but Silas did the walking. From the trailhead to the peak is 2.5 miles. So we think he hiked about 4 total miles. (Ok, so I'm impressed with my child.) 
We've had a couple of rocky, emotional days since last Saturday, but all in all, he enjoyed the adventure. Everyone has been congratulating him, but I don't think he understands the weight of his accomplishment as of yet. The group of fifty-year-old men, whom Silas passed on the trail, kept taking his photo while wiping their brows. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Coast King

Not taking a "before" picture was the mistake of the summer. This thing was a rusty heap a few weeks ago. We loved it and worked it back into business. After disassembling it into several piles and ziplock bags of rusty parts, we painted it, greased it, banged on it, and bought a trumpet horn for it. We put pin stripes on the fenders, a little crown on the chain guard, and the words "Coast King" on the frame. Christian purchased this bike before I knew him in Ft. Collins, but he was just recently reunited with it. 
Now, this may look like the kind of bike your grandma would ride at Gulf Shores, but out here in Colorado, it is known as a Townie. (All the cool kids have one.) This one reminds me of the bike on a bottle of Fat Tire Amber Ale.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rain, rain

Most of the precipitation we get around here comes in frozen form, but this time of year we get a few thunder storms. Silas had his first encounter with an umbrella a few days ago. 

Do you still have that dog?

Yes, we still have Annie. She's pushing ten years, which is rather ancient for a dog of her size. She has been wonderful with our children. We've bluntly told Priya that Annie is the closest thing to a horse she will ever own while living with us. Since Christian swears Annie is the last of the Hartman family pets, we're enjoying her company while we still can.