Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Levi!

Levi celebrated his second birthday with "happy cake" and "happy party." We had all the cousins, aunts and uncles, Christian's parents, and some friends over for dinner and cupcakes. Levi and his little buddies had a blast chasing the baby chickens around the yard and playing with dump trucks. I was feeling a wee-bit pregnant and had to eventually take to the couch, but it was a rather successful second birthday party, I think. 

Levi has been a joy since the moment he was born. We are truly thankful for this child and love watching him grow! Lately, he has discovered dump trucks and their companion, the ever-wonderful back-hoe. He used the words "wow" and "neat" about 20 times while opening his three presents. Such a great guy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Priya is my rough, tough, girly girl. She has two brothers and five boy cousins...and she'll convince all of them to play baby dolls with her. She doesn't cry when she scrapes her knee, but she knows how to spread the drama on thick when she wants to. Silas tried to explain to her, "Priya the last time you wore a dress like that to the park, you scraped your legs all up when we climbed that tree. Maybe pick something else." She likes ants and millipedes...but not spiders, no not at all. Levi has recently taken to defending his sister and her things. I thought he was going to beat up this other little girl on the playground the other day because she was holding one of Priya's dolls. She thinks everything is in need of a mother. The other day, we watched a fox behind our house for a long time. She came up with this whole scenario that it was an orphan, and that we should go catch some rabbits for it to eat, and that it could be our very own fox, and that she wanted to hold it. I love this girl! She can be emotional and dramatic, but she is very nurturing, adventurous, and talkative...kinda reminds me of another girl I know. (And, no, we don't normally put our feet on the kitchen table. And, yes I know she's too big for those PJs).

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lost photos.

Found some photos  of our canyoneering trip to Utah and took our first of the month photos today. Today is May 1st and it has snowed about 5 inches. Ugg. We're growing baby chicks and baby tomatoes and baby flowers and baby Hartman...and ready for some SPRING!!!