Thursday, August 26, 2010


Weddings and first days of school and bike rides and chickens, oh my! 

Weddings: We've been to four weddings this summer (and one more to go). Many people who fall in love with each other in this town also fall in love with the they decide to hold their ceremonies here, which means we can attend! One of the recent brides borrowed my wedding dress. It was great to finally justify to Christian why that thing has been hanging in the closet all these years. She looked amazing in the dress!

Biking: I tore my meniscus in my knee last October...running long distances was no longer an option. Someone recommended biking to me as a way to rehab the knee without surgery...It is totally healed and I am obsessed with biking now. With all the mountains around here, it is quite the workout...but then, there's coming down...whew, what fun! Christian and I are biking the Alpine Loop one day next week. It is about 55 mountain miles...with two 13,000 ft mountain passes. 

School: Silas and Priya started school this week. Silas goes to Pre-K, Priya to pre-pre-K. Silas goes three mornings a week, and Priya just one. It has given me a little more freedom in the mornings to only have two kiddos. Yesterday, I biked the boys up to the Alpine Gulch trail. We then hiked and picked raspberries and biked down to pick up the sister. Then, we went swimming at the lake after lunch. It felt like a mini vacation (or a triathlon).

Chickens: One of our little chickens started laying two weeks ago. She's a very good layer. About 1/2 of her eggs have double yolks. She lets us know when she's ready to lay; Silas carries her to the coop where she climbs to the highest shelf and drops her egg. She makes a big announcement and then goes back with the chickens in the yard. I hope the others start laying soon.