Monday, October 29, 2012


I know I still have summer updates to complete...and a marathon to report, etc. However, I think you will agree that these are worth sharing. I made most of the costumes. Elliot's was a thrift store find, but I added the red bow and the courage medal. I sewed little miss Priya's costume and left lost of room in the seams so she can be Dorothy again when she's 12 if she wishes;) Christian is wearing my dress and skirt and a lovely shade of green face paint. I was able to find the pinkest poofiest dress (did someone once wear this thing with a straight face?), but I made the crown and wand. After much running around town, I decided to make Silas's costume out of a chicken feed bag and an entire roll of shiny duct tape. An apparent success...and we'll do it all again Wednesday night (I think Christian will skip out).

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Teo T said...

Fantastic costumes, you guys look great together! Really enjoyed this post, and your others here. I realise you haven't updated here in a little while now, but perhaps I could persuade you to give your blog a second life over at We're a new social blogging site, and I know our community would love to read through your adventures here. Let me know what you think!

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