Monday, August 13, 2012

July 4th!!

Fourth of July!!! It was a big day around here. I was blessed to get to spend a little of the holiday with my friend Michelle, who moved to Boulder a few years ago. Michelle is always an encouragement and a total blast to be with. Her kids are pretty great, too. The fourth is a little like a family reunion for the whole town. Christian threatens every year to go and hide in the woods; it is slightly overwhelming when our small town of a few hundred swells to thousands for the holiday. I know what you really want to see is photos of my kids in their red, white and blue...but hold on a second while I tell you about the fly-over. Usually, the Air Force flies over and we might hear it and catch a glimpse of the plane before it leaves the valley. BUT, this year....FOUR of them came right over the street where the parade was and corkscrewed around super low and down the valley. I was a little shocked, but I actually teared up. They were just so loud and powerful...and I felt we had been given a unique treat. (I was so comforted after the parade when Michelle confessed to getting weepy over the whole special experience.)   Something else to cry about? No fire works this year. BUMMER. And, the street dance, was in the dark, old armory...double bummer, and it felt a little prom-ish. Oh well, praying for more rain in June 2013.
Happy with the spoils...check out her little cousin, who has enough trouble keeping his britches up. 

We average about 25% with the "everyone look at the camera" test.

My little businessman went out early and sold t-shirts with Pops.

Say what? Candy? Balloons? Fire trucks?  I'm there. 

This one's my one and only niece; I'm pretty happy with her!

10 little cousins celebrating the Fourth

We're caught up to July up...individual posts about each person in the family and our summer endeavors (adults, too.) Marathoning, lemonade stands, tooth fairies, camping, mowing...OH MY!

Did you have a special 4th this year?

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Joanne Brandt said...

Thanks for the new photos!!! Love the one of the 10 cousins! And I love the one of Silas - looks more like his Grandpa, I think!