Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Priya, the world's greatest sister

Training up her assistant in the ways of folding laundry.

Like her mother and grandmother before her, this girl loves to mow the grass,
which we only need to do about 3 times a summer.

We took the kids down to Red Bridge, a beautiful area on the lower end of the river that runs through our town. 

"Sassafras" is a fitting nickname for this gal...and one I started using this  summer. 

Smoking the dogs, living the good life.

All packed up and ready to go.
Priya had a great summer, making friends and playing with her brothers and cousins. She remains completely in love with Elliot. She loves to pick out his clothes and match them (ie: stripes go with stripes no matter the color). She's helping him learn to walk and to brush his hair. Our summer neighbors visited us 3 times this year. Jace is 7 and Callie is 5. Perfect match for Silas and Priya. Priya would say, "Callie, I can't say 'Callie', so I'm just gonna call you Sally, ok?" And she did. The girls played on the swing set with their baby dolls and in the ditch with the boys, too.
We also hosted some teenage girl friends of ours while their parents traveled and Priya LOVED that. She's brave and tough and beautiful and silly, all that a girl should be. She's a little bummed to not be old enough for horse club this year, but she watched patiently on Monday as Silas rode. She seems to be getting into the swing of Kindergarten pretty quickly, but that is another post.

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Joanne Brandt said...

Love all the pics - and we're charmed by the nickname "Sassafras"! Tell her Bud and JoJo think she's also the world's greatest grand-daugher!