Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Birthdays

I am fully aware of how long it has been since I last updated this old blahg. You know how it is after one week, two weeks, a month goes by, you're not really sure where start. So, how about a little Birthday montage? Summertime is birthday time for this family. So much so, that when I count another year and scrape the last bite of pie off my plate, my mother-in-law exclaims, "Thank goodness all the Birthdays are over for a while."

Levi celebrated his third birthday on May 16th. I made pizza and a four layered chocolate cake and he had about 15 kids come over. Unfortunately, he slept through the entire party. We got him up from his nap, took him in the kitchen, set the cake before him, while the cowboys and indians ran circles around the house, and the kid never woke up. Ever cheerful and content, he had chocolate cake for breakfast the next morning and asked why nobody came to his party. Levi is a complete sweetheart, with a bent towards hard work and independence.

Priya had a big bash for her 5th birthday on June 14. She wanted to have a "girl party" and a "cousin party". I would, of course, have thrown two separate parties and cooked food for 20 people twice, because, well, I like to overdo it. My wise sister-in-law, who was also turning another year older on June 14, suggested we have the two parties at the same time. Girls at my house...and boys at the park (I live across the street from the park). The girls sat and giggled and played for a while...and then we took a spectacular strawberry cake over the park to meet up with the boys and stuff our faces. A party success story.

 Elliot and I celebrated our late June birthdays together(25th and 27th). This sweetie makes my life so happy. He loves to cuddle, lets Priya carry him around everywhere, loves chickens, can really bust a move when there's music...and is always snapping his fingers (all my boys have snapped at 10 months!) He wants to hold his baby cousin Aven and is a perfect addition to our family. Elliot was due on Priya's birthday, but almost waited until mine to be born!
 I figured Elliot wasn't particular about cake just yet, so we had an amazing key lime pie. Here's a great shot of me with my pie, and Levi keeping it real.
 I knew Elliot had hit the one year mark when I discovered him sneaking a peach from the box. I, of course, had been peeling and dicing them for him on his little tray...apparently he can wrestle a peach like any of the big kids...this is number 2!
I know it is August now...but just to keep you up: July 4th.

What's your favorite birthday treat? Does your family have a birthday cluster that keeps the cake-baker on her toes? Have you ever had a Colorado peach? (I think we're on our 5th 20lb box and I haven't frozen any).


H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

enjoyed the return to what appears to be a pie-themed blawg (or is it blahg - where have the days gone).

Joanne Brandt said...

So glad we were there to help celebrate Priya's birthday, and squeeze in our early celebration for you and Elliot. Love the photos!

Donna said...

Welcome back- the kids have GROWN! Wow- how can your little sweety pie be THREE and your baby ONE? Time is flying. (Oh and loved all those cakes- especially Priya's strawberries!)