Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Silas's summer of salesmanship

In about 20 minutes, I will bike down a few blocks and pick up Silas from his first day of First Grade. A couple of weeks ago, he lost two teeth in two days, just in time for school (and sweet corn season). This has been a summer of salesmanship for Silas. He was planning on a firewood business early on, but we were under a statewide fire ban for a number of weeks. So, he continued with his Rock Shop business, diversified by selling lemonade and cookies, and then picked back up with firewood a few weeks ago after the ban was lifted. He made considerable bank this summer, enough to buy a metal detector, which was the goal, and more for the piggy bank, too. He made his own signs, and sat out at the store, sometimes in the rain. He even had a little sign that said "We went to get ice cream. We'll be back soon."A great adventure for our hyper focused child. 
We did not get out camping as much as we had hoped. We were waiting to be able to have a camp fire...but then the summer rains started up and finding a dry night for camping was a challenge. Silas organized an End of Summer party last weekend and we grilled and shot off fireworks. Then, he tried to make his own firework. Basic recipe, you take a plastic Easter egg, put in two rocks and a match, and maybe some stuff from the inside of another already lit firework, oh, and a string. Light the string, toss the egg in the alley. The match lights and the air expands and then the egg explodes and the rocks knock together and make a noise. Pretty smart idea from the physicist in the family. Silas has learned to be a good leader this summer, which will be handy at school. He is one of three 1st graders in town, but his room also houses the kindergartners, of whom there are 12. We've been talking about "being a good example" quite a bit! Yesterday, Silas started Horse Club. He will get to ride and learn about horses every monday afternoon for 12 weeks. We are so proud of our big boy! Now that he's missing his front teeth, it is easier to explain to people that the kid who looks like he is 10 is really still just 6. More to come about sweet-P Priya's summer. 
Two teeth in two days...keeping the fairy busy!

There is a marshmallow at the other end of that arm.

Silas learned to make Kale chips. Oh my, a new family favorite for sure!

I need some more photos of the Rock Shop, but here is Silas selling rocks to tourists. 

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Joanne Brandt said...

Silas is such an accomplished entrepreneur! Sounds like he will be able to find his own path this year at school and with his horsemanship lessons. He is getting so grown up! And his Bud says these are all such nice pictures!